recorded 2001 to cool edit pro


"as i lie and watch the moon on the lonely sea
watch it tug the lonely tide, like a comforter over me
the still faceless moon fills the beach tonight
with only a ghost of day, all shadow grey, and moonbeam white
and you lie alone tonight
as alone as i
a lonely girl in your lonely flat
well, that's where it's at
so hush your lonely cry
how can i come to you, put out the moon, send back the tide? the night has gone so grey, i'd lose the way, and it's dark inside
no i must lie alone
'til it comes for me
'til it takes the sky, the sand, and the lonely sea"
-The Paranoids


from among those killed in the dawn raid, released November 24, 2002
all instruments by Roo.
lyrics by Thomas Pynchon: "Serenade" from THE CRYING OF LOT 49


all rights reserved



Magic Afternoon Chicago, Illinois

hear & know...

the faster you go
the faster you go

/ \
/ \
    /~´   ⌒ヽ
   (  /⌒⌒⌒ヽ )
  ( ⊂´ⓛ  ⓛ`つ )
  (   、 ェ  ノ)
  (  ヽ——´ )
   (      )
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